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Nizam MohamedProduct Manager @ Sparx Systems Prolaborate and EA SaaS Platforms, Nizam has considerable experience as an architecture consultant and implementation professional across various sectors and has been using Sparx EA for over 17 years. He has assisted teams in setting up and implementing use case-driven EA Practise to get the most out of their modelling efforts.
Nizam established a market for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect in India and Middle East while serving as the manager of operations for Sparx Systems India and Sparx Systems Middle East and is the founder and CEO of Sixth Force Solutions, which created the cloud platforms Prolaborate and EA SaaS that are a part of the Sparx Systems Architecture Platform.
Reach out to Nizam to have a chat on the latest and greatest in this ecosystem.
Jackie MitchellOrganiser of the European EAUG and CEO of Ability Engineering, Jackie is a Project and Programme manager with many years of engineering delivery experience in Aerospace (satellite and aircraft manafacturing) and Telecoms, plus Healthcare change management projects. She also delivered training and consulting for the UK’s biggest technical training company. Jackie has spent the last 12 years finding ways to convince senior stakeholders in the project management community of the benefits of EA models – and modellers.
Wojtek GiersPL
Cześć! Jestem Wojtek i jestem analitykiem biznesowym.Specjalizuję się w analizie biznesowej, standaryzacji oraz narzędziach wspierających analizę. Jestem analitykiem od 2017 roku. Moja kariera w branży IT zaczęła się od jazdy na stopa z moim pierwszym szefem. nie miałem wtedy pojecia czym jest analiza biznesowa. Jednak szybko nadrobiłem braki i efektywnie wspierałem realizowane projekty. Przez kilka lat pracy zrealizowałem projekty dla różnych firm z różnych branz i zdobyłem ciekawe doświadczenie. W 2021 roku założyłem Blog, gdzie dzielę się wiedza i informacjami z świata. Ukończyłem Mechatronike na Wojskowej akademii technicznej oraz dwa kierunki podyplomowe na PW i ALK. Prywatnie ćwiczę CrossFit, jeżdżę na rowerze, pływam, zwiedzam, uczę się śpiewać i spędzam czas z przyjaciółmi.
Hi! My name is Wojtek and I am a business analyst. I specialize in business analysis, standardization and tools supporting analysis. I have been an analyst since 2017. My career in the IT industry started with hitchhiking with my first boss. I had no idea what business analysis was back then. However, I quickly made up for the shortcomings and effectively supported the implemented projects. For several years of work, I have completed projects for various companies from various industries and gained interesting experience. In 2021, I founded the blog, where I share knowledge and information from the world of business analysis. I graduated from Mechatronics at the Military University of Technology and two postgraduate studies at Warsaw University of Technology and Kozminski University. Privately, I practice CrossFit, ride a bike, swim, explore, learn to sing and spend time with friends
Ian MitchellIan is an EA user, trainer and consultant who has been using Sparx for 20 years. His experience spans IBM hardware development, leading software design teams, managing business critical software systems and building a training and consulting practice. He has trained and consulted for clients in a wide range of business domains, including engineering, finance, utilities, government and not-for-profit organisations. And he is also chief designer for the best-selling EA product add-in, eaDocX. In his spare time he does things with trees in Wales.
Peter LieberEnterprise Architecture Enthusiast, Sparx Systems CE / Lieber.Group
Peter is parallel entrepreneur and also founder of Sparx Systems Central Europe. He also founded Sparx Services CE with a clear focus on EAM ( within the Sparx Eco System. He also serves a president of the Austrian Trade Organisation, the eldest business network in Austria.
Habte WolduCo-founder and CEO of Inteca, he has 20 years of experience in designing architecture and building software in projects in various  industries , including finance, automotive, utilities or public.
Since 2012 he’s been responsible for IT Architecture Consulting at Inteca, helping customers in establishing architecture repositories and processes with Sparx EA, integrating it into software development processes, and providing training. Additionally, he’s the visionary behind the Inteca Plugins for Enterprise Architect—a suite containing set of add-ins enhancing the capabilities of Sparx EA.
Jacek Woynarowski
Avishai LebenzonAvishai Lebenzon is one of the founders and owners of Pandatech group, an Israeli Company who develops multi-discipliners systems of systems (SoS) and applications in the fields of aerospace, AutoTech, etc.
Pandatech group helps organizations to develop their SoS using MBSE while using on site or offshore services.   
During the last 20 years, Avishai had been part of large-scale development SoS (system of systems) as also as in the system integration and testing labs.
Over the past 15 years, Pandatech Group has advised strategic projects on EA implentation and performing system engineering with the tool. 
Pandatech group headquarter is in Israel and has development groups in the Middle east and Europe.  
Bob HruskaBob Hruška (formally known as Bohumil) is an OMG Certified UML® Professional™ with over twenty years of experience in software and systems engineering, contributing to an institutionalization of cybersecurity as a part of a system development lifecycle (SDLC). He has played various roles in several sectors delivering solutions that provide real value for customers. Bob is also experienced in the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) appraisal journey and with development of the New Product Introduction (NPI) process.
Kalina MielkeIT dinosaur (35 years in IT), MSc math, numerical methods and programing, 
Ex developer, ex db admin, ex sysadmin,ex system architect, ex PM, 
Currently Senior Business Analyst in Comarch Polska S.A., working on the modification of the biggest IT system in Poland and probably in Europe –  KSI ZUS .
In nineties I was one of system architects of the system.
The  system for the polish national social insurer  contains over 29000 tables in relational databases on various platforms, has almost 200 modules, over 800 products and  over 20000 use cases described in EA.
 I work with postgresql databases with the system’s models.
Jan de LiefdeJan de Liefde is co-owner of The Collective and working as senior consultant for public and private parties. His working field is mostly related to Model Based (Systems) Engineering and Technical Management during different stages of the System Life Cycle of large Infrastructure systems such as tunnels, seawage plants, sluices, water surge barriers and metro.
Roman KazičkaRoman studied Technical Cybertronics at Slovak Technology University, where he obtained PhD in the field of Measurement Technology. More than 10 Years he spent time with Computer based Measurement and Automation on the shop floor (Production of Consumer electronics).  Over the last 10 years, he has been involved with IT support and services in manufacturing businesses, especially in the automotive industry where he worked in technical roles (Solution Architect, Test Designer) in ITIL processes roles (ITSC Manager, Capacity Manager, Availability Manager) and in Professional managerial roles (CTO). He has certificates from ITIL and TOGAF 9.1 and practical experience of running and supporting IT services in the automotive industry. 
Roman is founder of nonprofit organization (AGNICOLI- through Knowledge to freedom) focused on education in IT for students from 12+ Years age. He is author of several methodologies (7D-Seven Disciplines for Successful Solutions, APV-Assets-Perspectives-Views, Q12- 12 Quadrants for starting business). These methodologies are implemented as MDG in EA as well. He uses Sparxsystems technologies since the Year 2000. He promotes the Idea of Model Driven Approach. He is lecturer at universities and maker spaces ( FABLAB CVTI) where leads own courses – System Thinking in IT and digital fabrication.
He is evangelist in using modelers (especially Sparxsystems technology) as a part of new Paradigm of work – Model Based team collaboration.
Roman is founder Systemthinking company. He provides consultancy for his partners in areas of his expertise. He participated in supporting decision makers with right information from trusted sources in his engagements. The slogans ‘3R-Right Information for Right Role in Right Time’ and ‘Thrusted source of information’ capture the essence of his efforts. More details You can find in eBook-Model driven Book Documentation in IT – Lost of Time or strategic value?

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